Teen Vogue: Rihanna Looked So Good At The Met Gala, The Catholic Church Should Appoint A Lady Pope


Teen Vogue is not really known for its scintillating takes on current events — or really any politics, or really anything that doesn’t involve the type of lip gloss Selena Gomez is currently sporting and even then it’s questionable — but this week, its foray into religion and politics via the Met Ball is truly an observation for the social justice ages.

According to the rag that once published a compete guide to anal sex for teenagers, the fact that Rihanna looked so good in her bishop’s miter at the Met’s Costume Gala should demonstrate to the Catholic church that it’s time to elect a lady Pope.

Yet if a powerful woman leader is considered dangerous to the Catholic church’s dogma, Pope Rihanna is exactly what the religion needs. … In the spirit of this year’s Met Gala theme, Rihanna has reimagined Catholicism as a religion that celebrates women.

By subverting the Church’s highest station, Rihanna subtly called out the religion’s longstanding bias against women, dating all the way back to the Original Sin. Rihanna’s look was immaculate. And the Vatican would do well to take notice.READ MORE

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