Ted Cruz: Neil Gorsuch could be a ‘positive influence’ on Anthony Kennedy in next Supreme Court term


NEW YORK – Texas Sen. Ted Cruz predicted Friday that conservative Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch will have a “positive influence” over the next year on Justice Anthony Kennedy, a moderate voice on the bench who became the deciding vote on several major cases during the Obama administration.

“There are some big cases next term and, as has been the case the last few times, those cases are likely to hinge on where Justice Kennedy goes,” Cruz told a roomful of conservative donors at a Koch Network event in Manhattan.

“It matters that Gorsuch is there,” the Texas Republican said, noting that the newest justice clerked for Kennedy in the early ’90s. “I think the most important influence of Gorsuch being there the next year is whether he can have a positive influence on Kennedy’s vote.”

Cruz continued, “Many people think this is Kennedy’s last year on the bench and how he votes this year will matter. And I think Gorsuch may play a very key role in determining that.” – READ MORE

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