Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump in 2020


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-tx) Said He Expected To Support President Donald Trump’s Reelection Campaign In 2020 During A Tuesday Interview With Siriusxm Hosts Rebecca Mansour And Joel Pollak On Breitbart News Tonight.

Mansour asked Cruz, “Would you be supportive of President Trump if he ran for reelection in 2020?”

Cruz replied, “I certainly assume so. I was supportive of and campaigned for President Trump in 2016, and I am very encouraged with the substantive policy victories we are getting, whether it is an historic tax cut bill, whether it is regulatory reform that’s unleashing jobs, whether it is repealing the Obamacare individual mandate — which I led the fight to do in the United States Senate — whether it is nominating and confirming strong constitutionalists to the courts. On all of those fights I’ve been working to lead the battle. I’m content to continue working to lead that battle and defend our freedoms and defend the Constitution.” – READ MORE

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