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Tech invests in Washington: Internet companies lobby big on Capitol Hill

Tech companies are spending big in the nation’s capital, trying to exert influence on a wide array of policies. Google, Amazon, Facebook and others aren’t just trying to woo lawmakers on internet regulations, but also drones, cars, intelligence and more.

“It seems as though the internet companies have decided to really invest more in Washington,” Viveca Novak, editorial and communications director for the Center for Responsive Politics, told The Hill. “Only more recently have internet companies realized policies in Washington are extremely important to them and they need to play the same game that many other corporations do to be heard.”

Google, under parent company Alphabet Inc., was the 11th biggest lobbying client on Capitol Hill between January and the end of June 2016, spending $8 million, while Amazon finished 20th on the Center for Responsive Politics’ list of top spenders in the first half of this year with $5.8 million spent on Washington advocacy. The US Chamber of Commerce ranked first, spending $52.3 million. – READ MORE

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