Teachers union leaders suspended for calling students ‘dirtbags’ and ‘pieces of s**t’


The videos were captured by the controversial Project Veritas, which uses deceptive tactics and sometimes selective editing in creating its content.

In a second video, Union City Education Association President Kathleen Valencia is heard making derogatory comments about students and suggesting that a teacher should not report that he hurt a student.

“Did the kid’s parent come in? No? Nothing happened,” Valencia is heard saying. “There’ s no video? Nothing happened.”

Valencia then makes negative comments about students at her school.

“I know dirtbags,” Valencia said. “They have a whole dirtbag class at the high school. I’ve taught the dirtbag class, OK? It’s the biggest f***ing pieces of s**t I have worked with.”

Valencia also referred to a file regarding a teacher who had sex with a student, saying the question was not whether the teacher would go to jail, but whether the teacher gets to keep his pension. – READ MORE

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