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Taliban Killing FOUR TIMES More Soldiers Than The US Can Recruit


The U.S.-backed Afghan Security Forces are losing up to four times more men than they can recruit to replace them, The New York Times reports.

The casualties are so high, the Afghan Security Forces and associated police forces could shrink by 10,000 men per year at the current rate. The entire U.S. strategy in Afghanistan is predicated on building a strong Afghan central government, with a military capable of defeating the Taliban and holding territory.

The Afghan forces are suffering catastrophic casualties since the end of the U.S. combat mission in 2001. The New York Times reports nearly 4,500 were killed between March and August alone, with another 8,000 wounded. A recent report from The Washington Post found that the Afghans lost 900 men in the month of July alone, and are averaging nearly 18 deaths per day. – READ MORE

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