Switzerland Bans Face Coverings In Public, Including Religious Wear


On Sunday, citizens in Switzerland voted to support a referendum banning the wearing of face coverings in public settings, including those that are worn for religious purposes.

According to CNN, “[t]he controversial proposal gained support of 51.21% of voters and the majority of the country’s 26 cantons, according to official provisional results published by the federal government.” It includes a ban on niqabs and burqas when worn in public settings.

One of the groups behind the proposal was the Swiss People’s Party (SVP), described as “right wing” according to BBC reporting. The party pushed for the proposal using slogans like “Stop extremism.”

The people who are against the ban point out that “it appears to be mostly pointless,” according to CNN. Andreas Tunger-Zanetti is a researcher at the University of Lucerne who has reportedly “been studying Islam in Switzerland since 2007.” According to Tunger-Zanetti’s’ new book, almost no one in the country wears a burqa and the amount of people who wear a niqab is at most 36.

BBC reported on the minority muslim community, as well, stating that around “5% of Switzerland’s population of 8.6 million people are Muslim, most originating from Turkey, Bosnia and Kosovo.” – READ MORE

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