Susan Rice: ‘Loss Of 150,000 Americans And Counting Is On Donald Trump’


On Wednesday, speaking to Sunny Hostin of ABC’s “The View,” former UN Ambassador Susan Rice, attacking President Trump for his handling of the coronavirus crisis, claimed that the Obama administration had handed the Trump administration a “Pandemic for Dummies” playbook and snapped that the blame for 150,000 Americans dying “is on Donald Trump and his gross mishandling of this pandemic.”

Hostin prompted, “Ambassador, I do want to talk to you then about the coronavirus because President Trump has said nobody could have predicted this pandemic.”

Rice responded with a smirk.

Hostin continued, “But the Obama administration did predict a pandemic and you personally tried to prepare the incoming administration for something just like this, leaving essentially a pandemic playbook that warned of this type of virus happening. So who is really to blame for the abysmal response here and the death of 150,000 Americans?” – READ MORE

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