Survivor of Texas Massacre​ Recounts the Words She Heard While Playing Dead, ‘Everybody Dies Motherf**ker’


As more information comes to light about the Texas church massacre, police have noted that it was not racially or religiously motivated.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who spoke on “Good Morning America,” said he thought the shooting was not “just a random act of violence,” as Devin Kelley’s in-laws were known to attend First Baptist Church. However, authorities have said they don’t believe Kelley was looking for relatives when he arrived at the church.

As a result of his actions, 26 people were killed and 20 were injured. And now, those who survived are speaking out on the attack, and many are saying they had to act as if they were dead in order to survive.

One of those victims was Rosa Solis, who found herself shot in the arm as Kelleywalked the aisles firing at anyone who moved. Solis told ABC News she hid under one of the benches and played dead.

“I played dead, and I made sure I hid myself good under that bench.”

While doing this, she heard Kelley scream out to the victims:

“Everybody dies motherf**ker!”

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