Surveillance video dispels ‘lynching’ claims in death of black man found hung from a tree in California


Suspicions of a possible racist lynching in the death of a black man found hung from a tree in Victorville, California, have been dispelled by a surveillance video proving he committed suicide.

38-year-old Malcolm Harsch was found dead on March 31 hanging from a tree near the Victorville library.

Owing to recent “Black Lives Matter” protests around the country, rumors of a racially motivated lynching began circulating in the community. Another black man was found hanging by a tree in nearby Palmdale.

On Friday, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department played video for reporters proving that Harsch killed himself. In the video, according to the Press Enterprise, Harsch is seen wrapping a blue electronics cable around his neck and then tying it to a tree limb before killing himself. – READ MORE

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