Surrender Already? Top Dem PAC Says It’s Giving Up On OHIO For 2020


A prominent Democratic PAC, Priorities USA, says it’s removing Ohio — a key swing state — from its list of priorities in 2020, signaling that they do not believe Democrats can return the swing state to the “blue” column. revealed Wednesday that Priorities, which raised and spent a whopping $190 million for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and around $75 million for Barack Obama in 2012, is scaling back operations in the state, after determining that Ohio “targetability” eroded in the 2016 election.

Priorities USA now lists Ohio, which was once key to Democratic presidential victories, as a “GOP Watch” state akin to Texas. “That’s below other more traditional swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, but also historically red states like Arizona and Georgia,” local media reports.

They are instead targeting Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Nevada, all of which we on the fence in the 2016 elections. President Donald Trump won Ohio by a comfortable 8-point margin in 2016 taking all but eight counties, and winning the largest GOP victory in the state since 1932 (according, at least, to Wikipedia).

Democrats within the state insist that the state is still competitive, but contends that the numbers show they have an ever-decreasing market-share, particularly as the party trends leftward. – READ MORE


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