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Sunday, November 20th: The Most Bizarre Stories & Headlines of the Day From The Liberal Media


Daily Kos: Not even president yet, and Donald Trump is losing his mind

You don’t get equal time, you pompous suit balloon. The American president has zero protections against comedians mocking him in television or in print—he doesn’t appear on the network afterwards saying I’m da president of the United States, and I strongly disapprove of that last sketch in which I was portrayed as a luxuriously coiffed show rabbit duct-taped to the top of a steel coatrack. You self-absorbed git. You citrus-faced two-bit monorail salesman. You great gilded walking Viagra advertisement. You woman-grabbing, child-groping, teen-ogling professional fraudster and con.

Fusion: Trump is tweeting about SNL so you don’t know about bribery, fraud

Poor baby Donald can’t even handle a comedy show criticizing him. SAD! Now, we know The Donald’s ego bruises very easily, but his public outrage over Hamilton and Saturday Night Live is serving another purpose.

Trump is distracting you so you don’t know he’s being bribed, has many troubling conflicts of interest and paying $25 to make a lawsuit accusing him of scamming elderly and uneducated people go away. So when you’re done with the dark comedy sketch about Trump being our president-elect, make sure to click through the links above and read up on the things he doesn’t want you to know about.

Salon: Harry Reid is right

Reid is 100 percent right to insist that Trump must act first to repudiate and disavow his past before Democrats treat him as normal in any way. Because he is not normal in any way. Even if Trump did attempt to repudiate the vile campaign that put him in office, that would scarcely make him normal. But at least it would provide some basis on which to begin moving toward public actions in good faith. As it now stands, we are nowhere near being in such a place.

Slate: Is Ivanka Trump Sexist?

Are we more forgiving of women who grew up with less-than-feminist family members? What makes Clare think that Ivanka isn’t completely sexist? And how do the hosts feel about Ivanka’s attempts to bring feminist messaging to her business?

Think Progress: This isn’t just a photo of Ivanka Trump. It’s a middle finger to democracy.

Donald Trump is leveraging his new position as president-elect to empower his business empire — and he’s doing it publicly.

We’ve known for some time that Trump didn’t plan to actually resolve the unprecedented conflicts his far-flung business interests presented.

Instead of liquidating his assets and placing them in a Qualified Diversified Trust, as President Bush did, or investing in index funds and government bonds, as President Obama did, Trump has done nothing.

Vox: How racist is too racist to get confirmed to the Cabinet? We’re about to find out!

Donald Trump nominates a slate of people we might euphemistically call “law and order”; the truth about the Ford plant Trump claims to have saved; wrapping up the successor to the Paris climate conference.

Wonkette: Elizabeth Warren Still Fully Prepared To Kick Donald Trump’s Ass

We are still waiting to see how The Opposition Party truly steps up to handle the threat of the Donald Trump presidency. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders both are taking some heat for their willingness to work with Trump on good things, and there will surely be many discussions and adjustments as the Trump presidency actually begins to take shape. We do hope they’re reading their history books right now, to make sure they do not repeat the mistakes of the past. (COUGH COUGH VICHY DEMOCRATS COUGH COUGH.)

But Sen. Warren is no fool. She spent the 2016 campaign being a burr in Trump’s ass, and if her speech on the Senate floor Thursday is any indication, she harbors no plans to stop doing that. So, since it is Friday, and we’re heading into a holiday week, let’s try to have some hope while we watch Warren yell her face off about what’s ’bout to happen

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