Summer Camp For Rich Kids Closes Due To Labor And Food Shortages


An expensive summer camp for rich kids in New Hampshire has closed over labor and food shortages, according to Concord Monitor.

Camp Quinebarge, located in Moultonborough, a small town in New Hampshire, informed parents on July 2 the camp had to close because of labor and food shortages:

“While we can work through many issues at camp, this is not one in our control. Many camps are facing the prospect of closing today,” the camp’s leaders wrote. “This is obviously an untenable situation. A few minutes ago I was forced to inform our staff we will close down for the summer, beginning tomorrow.”

Parents, who spent anywhere from $3,400 for two weeks per child, or up to $10k for an eight-week stay, were hoping for some personal time after a year cooped up with the entire family. That was not the case as “a summer of challenges, beginning with staffing levels, when in a two-day period just 10 of 25 staff arrived. In all, just 36 of 60 original hires arrived,” the camp told parents, adding that Sysco Corporation’s food orders to the camp were “erratic.” 

The fatal blow to the camp was the lack of food deliveries by Sysco, according to Camp Executive Director Eric Carlson.

“We had delayed orders and were told to expect more in the future,” said Carlson

Labor shortages at the camp prevent staff from driving to local wholesale stores to buy hundreds of pounds of food:

“Going to BJs was not an option for us as it would have taken too many staff and vehicles going back and forth all day.” Carlson said.

Quinebarge is working to refund parents who spent thousands of dollars for two-weeks, four-week, six-week, or eight-week sessions for their children. – READ MORE

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