Summer Box-Office Revenue Down 22%


Maybe this will teach Liberal Hollywood that we don’t want to hear their opinions.

This past weekend was down more than 44 percent from the comparable weekend in 2015, when ‘Jurassic World’ roared to a record $208.8 million opening, making for a particularly stark comparison; Hollywood is banking on a fish named Dory and other tentpoles waiting in the wings to close the gap.

The early summer box office in North America has developed a case of the blues, with revenue down sharply over last year.

Revenue for the May 6-June 12 period is roughly $1.24 billion, a 22 percent decline from the $1.597 collected between May 1-June 14 in 2015. Due to the vagaries of the calendar, the summer tally officially started on May 1 in 2015, compared with May 6 this year when Captain America: Civil War debuted.

Even when adding on an extra week for 2016, by beginning the count with the April 29-May 1 weekend, revenue for this year is still down 14 percent from 2015’s $1.377 billion. – Hollywood Reporter

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