Substitute teacher tells students there is no Santa


A mother in New Jersey claims a substitute teacher told her daughter’s first grade class that there was no such thing as Santa Claus.

Mayra Sansone Aboyoun said the teacher, that she would only identify as ‘Mrs. M.,’ made the statement to the six-year-olds at Cedar Hill Elementary School in Towaco on Thursday.

She took to Facebook to share the story.

“FURIOUS! My daughter is in the 1st grade at Cedar Hill. Her substitute teacher took it upon herself to tell the class full of 6 yr olds that Santa was not real. The children began yelling that everything is real and she continued by saying that the elves and reindeer aren’t real either. Nothing is real!”

The school’s principal sent a letter home apologizing for the teacher’s actions.  Principal Michael Raj say he understands the “sensitive nature” of the topic. – READ MORE

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