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Students For Trump Grows To Fill College Republicans’ Role On Campus


The national movement Students for Trump is growing to fill the gap left by rebelling College Republican (CR) groups in key swing states, as millions of students return to classes.

College Republicans at Harvard, Hillsdale College, Princeton, Ohio University, and others are steadily revolting against Republican nominee Donald Trump. A select group of students is drawing a line in the sand, enforcing Trump’s voice through the national group Students for Trump.

The College Republican National Committee is largely supportive of the decision some clubs are making to oppose Trump. Chairman Alexandra Smith told The Wall Street Journal, “there is more than one way to be a College Republican.” Smith later added that College Republicans are “nearly universal” in their opposition to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The student-led Students for Trump officially started last October, with no support from the national campaign. However, for many campuses, like the University of Virginia (UVA), this fall marks the first time a Student for Trump group led campaign activities. – READ MORE

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