Steyer Spent $6.2 Million for Every Minute of Debate Speaking Time


Tom Steyer spent $6.2 million for every minute of speaking time he garnered in Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential debate in Atlanta, which is just over $133,000 per second.

The California billionaire, who is self-financing his campaign, had 8 minutes and 24 seconds of speaking time, ranking next-to-last for the night ahead of entrepreneur Andrew Yang. Steyer finished dead last among the candidates in speaking time in his first debate in October.

The dollar-per-minute figure is much likely higher, as current third-quarter campaign spending numbers are unavailable. To estimate this figure, the Washington Free Beacon combined the $47.6 million Steyer spent in the second quarter and the $4.7 million he spent on social media in October and November, as reported by Google and Facebook.

Steyer, who is worth an estimated $1.6 billion, faced tough questions about his wealth during the debate. – READ MORE

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