Starbucks risks more ‘War on Christmas’ backlash with ‘Merry Coffee’ cups


Starbucks’ new coffee cups are beginning to look a lot like Christmas – but they don’t name the holiday.

The coffee chain is unveiling Thursday four new seasonal cups — and none of them uses the word “Christmas.” The closest it gets are the words “Merry Coffee” on two of the four designs, plus “We wish you a merry coffee,” on a newly designed cup sleeve.

Starbucks’ new designs, from left, are “Merry Stripes,” “Merry Dance,” “Polka Dots” and “Candy Cane Stripe.” (Starbucks)

“I’m gonna get a jump start on the Starbucks holiday cup drama by saying that ‘Merry Coffee’ is the silliest slogan I have ever heard,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Multi-billion dollar corporation and they came up with Merry Coffee. Wow,” another observed. – READ MORE

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