Starbucks Issues Guidelines To Baristas On How To Handle Dems Angry Over Schultz 2020 Campaign


Howard Schultz, who told CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday that he’s looking into the possibility of an independent presidential bid, hasn’t been the CEO of Starbucks for more than six months, but it seems people are so unhappy about his decision to challenge President Trump that they’re harassing Starbucks baristas about it.

The problem appears to have gotten so widespread, the New York Post reports, that Starbucks has issued a series of guidelines to workers who may encounter patrons unhappy about Schultz’s plans.

In their weekly memo to baristas, the “Barista Need-To-Know,” Starbucks included instructions on how to “diffuse [sic] the situation” if customers decide to “share aggressive political opinions.”

“… partners [i.e., employees] may be asked questions by customers or hear media speculation about Howard’s potential political intentions. We encourage you all to take a moment to review the talking points below with your partners.

If a customer asks if we are selling Howard’s book at Starbucks:

No, the books are available at bookstores and online.

If a customer attempts to investigate, or share aggressive political opinions, attempt to diffuse the situation by sharing:

We respect everyone’s opinion. Our goal is simply to create a warm and welcoming space where we can all gather, as a community, over great coffee.

If asked about Howard’s political intentions:

Howard’s future plans are up to him.

Schultz’s book, “From the Ground Up,” a story of his rise to power as the head of the Seattle-based coffee chain, hit stores on Tuesday. Schultz was clear on “60 Minutes” that the book his first step in assessing whether he should run for president in 2020. – READ MORE

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