Stacey Abrams of Georgia Appears to Be Angling for a VP Pick by 2020 Democrats

Stacey Abrams was in Iowa on Monday and told her Democratic base that she is willing to serve as a VP for whoever the nominee is that she wins the Democratic primary process.

Thank you for my afternoon chuckle. That someone that lost their election in their home state that owes back taxes feels she is qualified even to hold a political post.

Abrams is just professionally angry. Even if she had won, she would still be mad and accusing people of various outrages. She *needs* to have injustice so she can continue to be outraged about it – that’s the problem with Democrat politicians, they have more invested in preserving inequity than in solving it. She draws power from victimhood; it is all she knows.

Abrams is the 45-year-old former Democratic nominee for Georgia governor who lost a close race against Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in 2018. She has repeatedly tamped down rumors that a meeting she held in March with Joe Biden, 76, was to discuss running as his number two.

Speaking at an event in Iowa on Monday, Abrams said that she would consider joining the ticket of whoever wins the nomination, according to the Daily Iowan.

“You do not run in a primary for second place, so no, for whatever rumors are out there,” Abrams said. “However, I’m not in the primary, but you can run as second in the general election, and I am happy to do so with the nominee. That is my answer.” – READ MORE

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