Sri Lankan Death Toll Rises To Nearly 300 As Authorities Admit They Received Threats


Sri Lankan officials now say nearly 300 people have died from a series of suicide bomber attacks that took place on Sunday, ripping through churches and hotels as the country’s Catholic and Christian communities began their celebration of the Easter holiday.

The Sri Lankan government also admitted Monday that it had “prior information” about the attacks, according to Reuters, but did little to act on what authorities now believe were specific threats issued by a “little known Islamic group,” called National Thowheed Jamath, operating within the country.

“Some intelligence officers were aware of this incidence. Therefore there was a delay in action. Serious action needs to be taken as to why this warning was ignored,” a Sri Lankan telecommunications minister told media Sunday night. Another minister noted that administrators in his division had also received threats, indicating that two jihadist suicide bombers were planning attacks, but that he’d heard the attacks would be assassinations, not mass terror attacks.

Reuters reports that certain Sri Lankan officials admitted to hearing about threats against “prominent churches,” more than a week ago from a “foreign intelligence agency,” but ministers and police weren’t given any information. – READ MORE

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