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Special Op: Vet Josh Collins’ Trek From Texas to NY City on Paddle Board; Raised Money, Intel for PTSD & TBI (Video)


If you watch Dr. Oz on television Friday, Veteran’s Day, you will meet a decorated U.S. Army veteran named Josh Collins.

We promised, through other Special Forces operators, to give Josh publicity this summer when his Operation Phoenix was in full swing. But True Pundit did not have the traction at that time to mean anything as far as spreading Josh’s important message. We were new and not many folks tuned in daily.

Today, True Pundit is no longer a little, unknown site. So we are making good on our promise. We didn’t forget about you, Josh.

First, some quick facts about Josh.

  • Former Infantry at 1/75 Ranger Battalion
  • Former Infantry at The 75th Ranger Regiment
  • Former Soldier at U.S. Army Special Operations Command
  • Operation Desert Shield
  • Operation Desert Storm
  • Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Tours in Bosnia
  • Tours in locales we aren’t allowed to tell you about

The website described Josh’s journey perhaps best:

For U.S. Army veteran Josh Collins, the 7 traumatic brain injuries (TBI) he received during 20 years of service made his world seem like it was “always moving”. It was only when he first stood up on a paddle board as part of physical therapy that the shakiness finally stopped. Josh’s journey, dubbed “Operation Phoenix”, takes him across the water from Texas to New York City, as he raises $200,000, shatters a world record and brings awareness to TBI and PTSD along the way.


How can you help or donate or contact this cherished hero? Find Josh on Facebook Here.


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