Speaking of Shameful History: Mark Levin SLAMS NYT for Burying Holocaust


This week, journalists are quite concerned about shameful moments in history. Yet, conservative radio host Mark Levin on Wednesday found OTHER moments they aren’t so fond of remembering. On his show, Levin excoriated the New York Times for lecturing Donald Trump and Republicans on Civil War statues. He mocked, “The New York Times is said to be the paper of record. The New York Times is the paper that all the left-wingers pick up when they are going on Amtrak.”

He derided the Times as:

The very newspaper that sought to conceal the Holocaust, something that Donald Trump has never done! Just as Franklin Roosevelt attempted to conceal the Holocaust! Something Donald Trump has never done!

(For audio of the segment, go here.) Citing the love liberals have for FDR, the host wondered, “Where are the Franklin Roosevelt memorials? Why aren’t we ripping them down?… The only modern President to put American citizens in internment camps!”


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