Soros’ Open Society Foundation Closing Budapest Office, Moving To Berlin


Less than a month after his former protege (now his arch-nemesis) Viktor Orban led his nationalist Fidesz party to an overwhelming victory in Hungary’s federal election, billionaire investor George Soros – who has become a persona non-grata in his native Hungary – has lost another round in its ongoing confrontation with the ruling government, and is closing the offices of his Open Society Foundation in Budapest.

Patrick Gaspard, the head of Open Society, announced the closure in an article by Austria’s Die Presse.

Soros, who recently donated the bulk of his eleven-figure fortune to Open Society – an international chain of liberal nonprofits dedicated to pushing Soros’ pro-immigration, pro-globalization political agenda under the guise of altruism – has been openly feuding with Orban for more than a year, ever since he criticized the Hungarian leader for purportedly running a “mafia state” during a speech in the UK.

And as we anticipated following Orban’s sweeping electoral triumph, life for Soros proxies in Hungary has now become “unbearable”. Fidesz has been pushing a bill, informally known as the “Stop Soros Act”, designed to weaken Soros’s influence in Hungary. Along with the Soros bill, the country’s Parliament is weighing a suite of proposed constitutional amendments that would weaken Hungary’s courts while allowing Orban to consolidate power. – READ MORE

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