‘Sometimes You Have to Let Them Fight’ Trump Says Turkey and the Kurds Had to Fight


Speaking at a rally in Dallas, Texas on Thursday night, President Donald Trump praised the ceasefire agreement that was signed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan just hours earlier.

In the week since it was announced the United States would withdraw its forces from northern Syria, opening the door for Turkey to assault Syrian Kurdish forces, Trump has been accused of betraying a longtime U.S. ally.

On Thursday, Trump tried to put a different spin on the situation by claiming that it was part of a larger plan to negotiate a peace deal between Turkey and the Kurdish forces:

“It was unconventional what I did, I said ‘They’re going to have to fight a little while.’ Then people find out how tough the fighting is… Sometimes you have to let them fight, like two kids in a lot. You have to let them fight, and then you pull them apart.” – READ MORE

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