SOFTBALL: Chuck Todd Warns Bernie ‘The Right’s Gonna Hammer and Sickle You to Death’


Here’s one obvious way Meet the Press host Chuck Todd isn’t trying to be Tim Russert. Instead of asking Bernie Sanders a hardball about why he explicitly praised America’s communist enemies during the Cold War, he framed the question as a Democrat primary voter would frame it. How are you going to get around the oafish conservatives and their nasty tweets? 

CHUCK TODD: The New York Times spent a lot of time talking about your trips to Central America. I know you got pretty worked up about those things. I think the larger question, and let me just frame the question this way, the larger question’s going to be, if you’re the nominee, whether you like it or not, the right’s going to basically hammer and sickle you to death. How do you prevent it?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS:Well, I don’t mind the right wing doing it. But I understand they will do it. I don’t want the media to do it.

Oh, an attack on the First Amendment! Let’s all hyperventilate! This softball lets the viewer assume there’s no evidence Sanders was commie-friendly, which would be very misleading. – READ MORE

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