SOCIALISM: Venezuela To Begin Rationing Electricity For 30 Days


In an attempt to get a handle on nationwide power outages that have been occurring daily in the country, Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro said the country would begin rationing electricity for the next 30 days.

The Associated Press reported that Maduro made the announcement Sunday evening on national television, claiming the plan would help cut down on the power outages that are leading to days-long cutoffs of water and communications. Maduro also reportedly warned Venezuelans against protesting the 30-day rationing.

Maduro has also asked armed government supporters to help keep the peace during the rationing, according to The Guardian.

Maduro claimed the country is “facing a group of monsters who want to destroy Venezuela,” and called on “revolutionary and patriotic” pro-government groups “to defend the peace of every barrio, of every block.” – READ MORE

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