Socialism Starves: Maduro Blocks Border Bridge To Prevent Humanitarian Aid From Entering Venezuela


As economic and humanitarian crises rise in Venezuela , the country’s president/dictator, Nicolás Maduro, has closed a bridge connecting Venezuela and Colombia amid tensions with his opposition over humanitarian aid.

On Wednesday, forces loyal to Maduro used two large cargo trailers and an oil tanker to block the three land Tienditas Bridge connecting Cucuta, Colombia and San Antonio City, Venezuela, CNN reported. The blockade happened just after the U.S. sent aid to Colombia to be delivered at the Venezuelan border.

Maduro’s position has been challenged by the National Assembly leader Juan Guaidó who claims he is the rightful President of Venezuela and is backed by the U.S. and several other countries.

I previously reported that the situation that Maduro has created in Venezuela due to his socialist policies is so dire that the inflation rate is over 1 million percent and many citizens are starving and that citizens have resorted to eating cats, dogs and zoo animals.

Guaidó has called for humanitarian aid to help feed the starving population and reportedly named Cucuta as one of three points where international aid can be delivered and collected. On Thursday, he said he will work to get the aid delivered.

“We’re going to succeed in getting this #HumanitarianAid in because it’s about saving lives!” Guaidó tweeted, adding that he and his supporters are working “every day” to obtain the humanitarian aid while Maduro is “keeping the medicines and food from those who urgently need them.” – READ MORE

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