So Should We Write A Big Story Today About Hillary & the FBI? Nope. That’s for Losers.


All the MSM, bloggers, and new media are scrambling to write the Big story about Hillary Clinton waltzing into the election Free from the FBI.

But you’re all late to the party. In fact, the party was two weeks ago.

We had the story over 2 weeks ago. Some people paid attention. Many did not as True Pundit is a news start up operation and therefore, “has no credibility.” I mean, they don’t even put reporters names on stories. Who are these guys? They can’t be right again? Will we get credit for sticking our necks out? Nope.

But we sure as hell don’t have to chase a story which we own. And we do own it. Know that.

Here’s a quick screen grab from June 21st. Yeah, JUNE.


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