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Snowden: Where’s The NSA’s Proof Russia Hacked DNC?


NSA leaker Edward Snowden questioned the agency’s decision not to release proof of its claim that the Russian government breached the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) servers during the 2016 election, in a wide-ranging interview with Der Spiegel.

Snowden conceded that Russia “probably did hack the systems of Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party,” but added “we should have proof of that.” He posited that the NSA did not release technical proof of the hack because multiple other actors likely also breached the DNC’s servers saying “there were probably six or seven groups,” adding that “the reality here was it was narrative shaping about the Russians.”

Senior U.S. intelligence officials, including those appointed by President Donald Trump, have stated their definitive belief that the Russian government is responsible for the hack of the DNC and subsequent release of information to Wikileaks via a third party. – READ MORE

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