Snoop Dogg Wants the Lakers Shipped Out on a ‘Slave Ship’


Rapper Snoop Dogg Has Apparently Had It With The L.a. Lakers. In Fact, He Is So Mad He Wants The Team Shipped Out On A “slave Ship.”

The Drop It Like It’s Hot rapper went after the Lakers in a profanity-laced video after last weekend’s 118-109 loss to the Phoenix Suns, TMZ reported.

“Bad year,” Snoop said. “Somebody’s gotta go.”

Snoop was so mad he lapsed into slave-talk.

“Ship all them n***as out. Get a slave ship, and ship all them sorry motherf*ckers the f*ck outta here!” he carped. “Sick of all this tryin’ ta act like it’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be col, they gonna figure it out, they gonna grow.

“These sorry mother f*ckers ain’t going to do sh*t,” Snoop added … “These goofballs ain’t going to do sh*t. They sorry. – READ MORE

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