Smaller migrant caravan advances quickly toward US, treks 62 miles in one day


The caravan’s arrival in the U.S. continues to advance as the migrants moved Friday with amazing speed, doing 62 miles before noon.

“We are looking for a better place to live,” said Axel Velasquez, who was taking shelter from the midday sun under an empty train car in Arriaga.

That compares to just 20 miles on Saturday, dawn to dusk.

Their advance is aided not just by the generosity of everyday Mexicans offering rides to hitchhikers. The Mexican Federal Police, which stopped trucks and buses on the Pan American Highway Friday morning, then filled the vehicles with dozens of waiting migrants needing a lift.

Exactly how many remain in the caravan is unknown. The mayor of nearby Huixla on Wednesday estimated 6,000. Officially, Mexico says there are fewer than 4,000.  – READ MORE


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