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Slaughter of innocents continues in battle for Mosul


Omar Ali stands outside his home in eastern Mosul weeping. The young father’s sense of relief after being liberated from ISIS has been replaced by a feeling of unbearable loss.

Only a day earlier his 18-month-old daughter Amira was there on the pavement in the Zahraa neighborhood playing with relatives when a mortar round landed nearby. Shrapnel tore through the air and the child’s skull. Amira was killed instantly. Her two cousins were seriously injured.
“Look world, this is my daughter,” Omar Ali cries. “What did she do wrong? She’s gone. She was just playing. She’s gone from me and she’s my only child.”
He holds a photograph of Amira dressed in a black sweater with white hearts, her cherub face looking up rather than at the camera.
She is young and innocent like so many of the dozens of civilian victims the street-to-street battle for Mosul produces every single day. – READ MORE
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