CITIZEN ARREST: YOU Can Slap the Cuffs on Andrew McCabe — Help Us Ship Sets of Handcuffs to the FBI & Congress In His Honor


You Can Slap the Cuffs on Andy!

And send a message to the FBI and Congress that liars and crooks belong in prison, not in the FBI.

The actual cuffs; 10.5 inches

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We will ship pairs of handcuffs to the FBI and Congress to help drive this message home.

-Your contribution is anonymous and goes toward purchasing numerous sets of handcuffs
-We purchase the handcuff sets (foam regular-sized replicas to help keep shipping costs low and they actually stretch too, just like the truth at the FBI)
-We ensure delivery to FBI, Congress, maybe even our pal Andy too. We’ll post videos etc of the cuffs en-route to their new home — Washington, D.C.

FBI and Congress need to wake up. A response is required by law-abiding Patriots.

Fired FBI boss Andrew McCabe has raised over $500,000 from Liberal elites and twits on GoFundMe for his “legal defense fund.”

More public cash for a guy who was paid by public monies for over two decades. And lives in a $800K house. And drives a Porsche. And reportedly owns a vacation home. Some ‘meager’ career, working for the FBI. While many agents pinch pennies, McCabe is a multi-millionaire … now with a tin cup in his hand.

Now you can slap the cuffs on Andy.

$1 = 1 pair of rubber handcuffs (minimum of $5 — But Order AS MANY As You Like)

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These handcuffs stretch too; almost as much as the FBI stretches the truth!


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