Six Police Officers Gunned Down During Two-Hour Spree; Deadly Mayhem Spanned Three Cities


UPDATE: 3:55 PM SATURDAY: Kissimmee Police Sgt. Sam Howard, who was clinging to life after getting shot Friday night, has died. Howard was a 10-year veteran of the force. He and his partner were gunned down Friday night during aapparent ambush-style shootings. His partner Matthew Baxter died Friday night. Howard had been on life support following the shootings.

By press time at 3 am EST on Saturday, the brutal tally of one night of deadly chaos read like a three-month-long log of violence: One police officer dead, one officer clinging to life, two officers in critical condition and two officers in stable condition.

And all that mayhem unfolded in two hours on Friday night.

Trouble started in western Pennsylvania when two state troopers were shot, then reports soon after emerged of two police officers in Kissimmee, FL were ambushed. One officer, Matthew Baxter, died. His partner at 3:11 am was reportedly on life support in a Florida hospital ICU. Then later Friday night, two sheriff deputies in Jacksonville, FL were also shot after trading bullets with at least one rifle-wielding gunman.

Instead of rehashing details of the entire night, we will let our Tweets tell you how the night unfolded.

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