SHOWDOWN: Trump Blasts EU ‘Formed to Take Advantage’ of U.S., Warns U.S. Will ‘Not Do Business’ With EU Without Reform


President Donald Trump Has Blasted The European Union As An Organization “formed To Take Advantage Of The United States”, And Warned The U.s. Is “not Doing Business” With The Bloc If It Does Not Change Its Ways.

“Long-term you’re going to be so happy,” he told supporters at major rally in Washington, Michigan, promising to put an end to unfair trade arrangements which see EU exporters facing low or no tariffs while selling into the U.S., while the EU maintains far higher barriers against U.S. exporters.

“We’re going to [these markets] opened up or we’re not doing business with these countries,” he vowed.

He said that the European Union “sounds so nice” in theory, but imposes “tremendous blocks” on U.S. businesses, and was in fact “formed to take advantage of the United States”.

“Not anymore, those days are over,” he promised. – READ MORE

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