Shocking Study Reveals Just How Liberal ESPN Has Become


A new shocking study has revealed just how liberal ESPN’s audience has become and how many Republicans have stopped watching the network.

Deep Root Analytics, which specialize in local audience understanding, published an in-depth study on ESPN’s massive swing to a large left-wing audience on Clay Travis’ website Outkick The Coverage Wednesday.

The results are astonishing.

The study aggregated 43 different media markets to see the political leanings of ESPN consumers in those markets, and it’s crystal clear that Republicans are fleeing ESPN in droves.

The study reveals in part:

All told, the ESPN audience across the network’s channels was already liberal in 2015 – but it became more liberal in 2016 as Republicans stopped watching:

The ESPN audience became 5% less Republican in 2016 than 2015 across all 43 markets analyzed.

ESPN2’s audience became 10% less Republican during the same time period.

The biggest partisan shift happened on ESPN News, whose audience became 36% less Republican and more Democratic.

ESPNU’s audience became 12% more Democratic in 2016 compared to 2015.

ESPN Deportes — whose audience already skewed very liberal — became 27% more Democratic.

The study also revealed that the audience had only become more Republican in nine of the 43 markets studied, and only two of the major markets, Boston and Charlotte.

“The results didn’t surprise me, but they will put to rest the liberal sports media argument that ESPN’s politics are having no impact on viewership. ESPN’s ratings are down substantially in the past year and a big reason why is the network’s liberal political slant on sports stories,” Travis responded when asked by The Daily Caller for his reaction to the findings in the study.

ESPN apparently also doesn’t mind the massive shift to the left because the network has aired advertisements for the liberal news network MSNBC.

The “Worldwide Leader in Sports” has also made discussing social issues a cornerstone of the network, despite there being little to no evidence that anybody asked for or enjoy these segments.


The network also laid off around 100 employees last month. It appears that ESPN’s massive shift to the left hasn’t done anything to improve business for the network.

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