“Shocking Investigation” Reveals China Buys Western Academics


A shocking investigation was just published by the French weekly Le Point on how Beijing is buying the favor of Western universities.

An Italian associate professor, for example, Fabio Massimo Parenti, at the Lorenzo de Medici International Institute in Florence, was hosted in Xinjiang, where up to two million Uyghurs are estimated to be locked up in “re-education camps”. In addition, many British schools are now closely under Chinese radar of influence and propaganda. Nigel Farage, the leader of Britain’s Reform UK Party, recently tweeted that “Chinese billionaires with direct links to the CCP are buying up British schools – and flooding the curriculum with their propaganda,” and listed the names of some in the UK “under Chinese control”:

  • Abbots Bromley School
  • Bournemouth Collegiate
  • St Michael’s School
  • Bosworth College
  • Bedstone College
  • Ipswich High School
  • Kingsley School
  • Heathfield Knoll School
  • Thetford Grammar
  • Wisbech Grammar
  • Riddlesworth Hall
  • Myddelton College
  • CATS Colleges

Beginning in September 2019, in Urumqi, the capital of the Uyghur region of Xinjiang in western China, Christian Mestre, honorary dean of the University of Strasbourg faculty of law, participated in an “international seminar on the fight against terrorism, de-radicalization and the protection of human rights”. The seminar was organized by the People’s Republic of China. Mestre’s statements were transcribed by both the state media, the Xinhua news agency, as well as the nationalist newspaper Global Times.

“I hope that France and other European countries can adopt the answers provided by Xinjiang”, professor Mestre said while visiting one of the “vocational education centers”, the name given by Beijing to its re-education camps.

“These people are not in prison,” the professor attested, “but sent to compulsory training”. Nothing to see here, as they say.

That was the beginning of an impressive investigation by the French weekly Le Point on how China has bought the favor of many Western academics. “It is worthy of Aragon’s travels to the Soviet Union or the collaborators in Nazi Germany”, said Marie Bizais-Lillig, a colleague of Mestre. The reference is to Louis Aragon, the French writer who visited Soviet Union under Stalin and came back convinced of the genuineness of the communist system, and then dedicated himself to its defense. – READ MORE

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