SHOCK VIDEO: TV News Media Films Dying Coronavirus Victim on Ventilator in NYC Hospital — But ‘Patient’ Is Actually a Mannequin


The crooked news media is at is again. This time trying to pass off a mannequin on a ventilator as a dying coronavirus patient in New York. A new low for sure.

Was there a shortage of real coronavirus victims for the news segment? TV News Channel 4 depicted a mannequin as a coronavirus victim under the would-be care of a medical hospital professional. The ‘patient’ was complete with blanket, ventilator and intravenous infusion bags. The UK media outlet did not return requests for a comment on why they would try to pass off a plastic dummy as a patient. Likewise,  why — with a shortage on ventilators in New York — was one unit was hooked up to a dummy?

What is going on here? Perhaps the dummy in charge of the state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo who has been complaining about the lack of ventilators in the state and NYC, can explain this to the public. And if your loved one in New York is in dire need of a ventilator, ask for the dummy’s.

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