SHOCK POLL: Most Parents Likely to Homeschool in the Fall, Many Teachers Won’t Return


A new poll released by USA TODAY/Ipsos reveals that six in ten parents said they were likely to homeschool next academic year, with three in ten saying they are very likely. In a separate survey, one in five teachers may not return to schools when they open again in the fall. Two-thirds of teachers asked said that changes brought by the lockdown orders, in response to the CCP coronavirus pandemic, have made it impossible to do their jobs.

The report states: If classrooms reopen this fall, parents by 59%-36% say they would be likely to pursue at-home options, such as an online classes or home schooling. By double digits, men were more likely than women to consider pursuing those alternatives. Those with lower household incomes were more interested than those with higher incomes, and racial minorities were more interested than whites.

Parents overwhelmingly acknowledged that teachers are working harder than in a normal classroom setting. More than four in five teachers said their jobs have become much harder, with 71% of parents saying the same. Interestingly, more teachers than parents think their students have fallen behind due to distance learning – 76% of teachers, versus 46% of parents.

Both sets of poll respondents agreed, however, on one issue: 63% of parents and 65% of teachers believe schools will reopen in the fall. That’s not a high level of confidence, signaling a potential sea change in how American society chooses to educate its children. – READ MORE

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