SHOCK! Liberal Do-Gooder Mayor De Blasio Gives Virtually NOTHING To Charity


Turns out, the ultra-progressive mayor of New York City gives virtually nothing to charity, which actually makes him a pretty typical leader and advocate for big government and high taxes.

See, he’s good at spending your money to help the poor. His? Not so much.

Combined, Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife only gave $350 to charity in 2017 while the couple boasted an adjusted gross income of $223,449, tax returns released on Tuesday revealed, reports The New York Post.

For some perspective here, de Blasio gave less than 1% of his salary to the needy. The progressive liberal authorized a 15% raise for himself to kick off 2018, taking in an additional $33,750, increasing his annual salary to $258,750. Moreover, the total sum of their less-than-impressive giving ended up being $150 less than what the couple spent to have their taxes prepared.

In 2016, de Blasio and his spouse gave $2,088 to charity. Coincidentally, the Democrat just happened to be up for reelection that year. – READ MORE

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