Shill Van Jones on Clinton Foundation Emails: ‘Nothingburger’— ‘How Does This Destroy America?’


Friday on CNN’s “Wolf,” while commenting on reports about new email exchanges raising questions about whether Clinton Foundation donors got preferential treatment from Hillary Clinton’s State Department, former Obama administration Green Jobs Czar Van Jones said this is all a big “nothingburger” and asked, “How does this destroy America?”

Jones said, “I have been tougher on Hillary Clinton than most Democrats and I got flack for that. And I will continue to be tough on her when I think it’s wrong. This, I don’t get. I really don’t get this. It’s impossible to imagine what could, what bad thing can happen if a government official helps a charity hire a good person. It’s what we often want a big official to do. You love it when the mayor or deputy mayor sits on the advisory committee and helps out. Suddenly anything that involves the Clinton Foundation is a scandal, even a nothing like this. – READ MORE

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