She’s Back: Rachel Dolezal Trying to Commercialize Fake Blackness Just in Time for Christmas


Rachel Dolezal is back and now this time she’s trying to commercialize her status as an alleged black woman by selling calendars urging people to “get woke.”

Dolezal, a white woman claiming to be black, is now selling a 2018 calendar of herself on her personal website.

Dolezal’s calendar, which has already sold out, features various pictures of her striking poses with a collection of inspirational quotes Dolezal came up with.

“2018 Calendar featuring photos of Rachel Dolezal by four portrait photographers & her own inspirational quotes. With dozens of important birthdays and Black History facts throughout the year,” the website description reads.

In the calendar picture for December, Dolezal is draped over a beam in a black dress with the quote, “Stay woke and ready to change the world. You never know when an important opportunity will arise.”

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