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Sheriff David Clarke: Riots Caused by ‘Failed Liberal Urban Policies in These Ghettos Like Milwaukee’


Monday on Fox Business Network, while commenting on the weekend of riots in Milwaukee sparked by the shooting death of an armed African-American man by a black police officer, Milwaukee Co., WI Sheriff David Clarke blamed “failed liberal urban policies” as a cause for those riots.

Clarke said, “Well, first of all, the social order in Milwaukee totally collapsed on Saturday night. When the social order collapses, tribal behavior takes over. When tribal behavior takes over, the law of the jungle replaces the rule of law and that’s why you end up with what you saw. Last night was a little better. Not good enough for me. I won’t be satisfied until these creeps crawl back into their holes so the good law abiding people who live in the Milwaukee ghettos can return to at least a calm quality of life.” – READ MORE

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