Shalala (D): ‘You Bet’ There’s Socialism in the Democratic Party (VIDEO)


Florida representative Donna Shalala (D.) told constituents “you bet” that there are socialists in the Democratic Party’s “big tent.” She added that she doesn’t apologize for reaching across the aisle to get bipartisan bills passed.

A video from America Rising PAC shows the congresswoman addressing constituents during a town hall.

“I escaped a socialist country 25 years ago,” an audience member said. “I hear a lot of people from your party supporting socialist ideas in America. How far are we going to go, do you think we can beat the current president with those ideas? What would be our choices?”

“Well, first of all, I’m not a socialist. I’m a safety net capitalist,” Shalala responded. She explained she supports entitlement programs and “protecting the most vulnerable people in our society.” – READ MORE

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