Sen. Rand Paul: John Roberts Not Presiding Over Impeachment Trial ‘Crystalized’ It Is Unconstitutional


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is suggesting that Chief Justice John Roberts‘ absence at the upcoming Senate impeachment trial against President Donald Trump “crystalized” it for him that the trial is unconstitutional.

“We’ve long been aware that a constitutional motion is a privileged motion and that it could happen. We discussed it within our office,” Paul told The Hill on Thursday.

He added, “What really crystalized it for me is that about a week ago we were on a Republican conference call and they said the chief justice wasn’t coming.”

Paul has been pushing that the Senate’s impeachment trial is unconstitutional, saying earlier this week that “impeachment of a private citizen is illegal and essentially a bill of attainder.”

“A sham, this is,” he said on the Senate floor Tuesday.

Touching on a Senate Republican conference call that occurred on Jan. 21, Paul told The Hill, “Myself and others were like, ‘Oh my goodness, the chief justice is not coming. That’s a huge, huge signal that there’s something wrong with this proceeding.’”- READ MORE

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