Seattle Rioters Set Off ‘Large Explosion’ That Sends Cops To The Hospital


Ongoing ‘anti-police” protests in Seattle descended into a riot yet again on Sunday as demonstrators set off a “large explosion” near a police car, sending at least one Seattle police officer to the hospital with injuries.

“The protest began in the Seattle neighborhood of SoDo around 7 p.m., with an estimated 100 people marching on foot with cars following behind them, according to a Monday morning press release by the Seattle Police Department,” Fox News reported Monday. “They made their way to the building that houses the Seattle Police Officer Guild and, within hours, the demonstration turned violent.”

Although the protests in Seattle have been routinely destructive, Sunday’s saw the use of a large incendiary device, apparently designed to injure police officers and inflict maximum damage.

“Multiple explosives were thrown toward officers,” Seattle’s police department said in a statement. “Several officers were struck by explosives and injured.” – READ MORE

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