Seattle ‘Autonomous Zone’ Creates Black-Only Segregated Area


The “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ), which is now calling itself the “Capitol Hill Occupied Zone” (CHOP), apparently created a “black-only racially segregated area” with white residents of the zone guarding the perimeter so non-blacks could not enter.

The idea of segregated spaces for blacks only has been promulgated on college campuses for some time; a 2019 NAS study stated, “About 46 percent (80 colleges out of 173 surveyed) segregate student orientation programs; 43 percent (75 colleges out of the total) offer segregated residential arrangements; and 72 percent (125 colleges out of the total) segregate graduation ceremonies.”

In 2016, the University of Connecticut created the Scholars House, short for for “Scholastic House of Leaders who are African American Researchers and Scholars.” Its director, Prof. Erik Hines, stated, “It’s a living and learning community that will be a section of a dorm, and house about 50 students. It aims to help black males with class work, and provide them with mentorship, counseling, and prepare them for graduate school,” as NPR reported. – READ MORE

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