Sean Hannity’s Twitter Page Disappears; Vanishes After Vicious & Prolific Friday Segment on FBI & DOJ Corruption


Sean Hannity’s Twitter page disappeared early Saturday morning, shortly after his vicious take down on his Friday FOX News show of the corruption inside the FBI and Justice Department.

Hannity was on a roll in a brutal opening rant on his Friday show, excoriating James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe and Barack Obama.

Hannity sounded more like a seasoned prosecutor on Friday, piling evidence on top of more evidence regarding the corruption scandals unfolding in the FBI and Justice Department.

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This may bring back memories for conservative Twitter users:

Well, well, well. Twitter officials admitted late Thursday night a rogue employee purposefully sabotaged President Trump’s’ Twitter account earlier in the evening by deleting it entirely from the social media platform.

This is incredible.

Twitter said the employee deleted Trump’s account on their way out the door on their last day of working for the company.






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