Scott Adams says showman Trump freed by Pelosi SOTU snub: ‘They just released the Kraken’


‘Dilbert’ creator Scott Adams said Americans can thank House Speaker Nancy Pelosi if President Trump delivers one of the most entertaining State of the Union speeches of all time — at a venue of his choosing.

The writer behind “Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter” says Mr. Trump is creatively unshackled by Mrs. Pelosi’s attempts to snub him a Jan. 29 venue in the House. Mr. Adams, who was one of the first social commenters to predict the billionaire’s elector success, put it succinctly Thursday: “They just released the Kraken.”

“This president, the most entertaining president of all time — even if you don’t like him you can agree with that, right? He’s the most theatrical, the most performance oriented, the most ‘show must go on,’ the most ‘bring me the attention,’ the most interesting,” Mr. Adams said.

“They just allowed him to be free,” Mr. Adams said. “They just released the Kraken. He’s the most entertaining person in the world who is only stopped in his entertainment value by the context of the State of the Union — and now he’s free. … They freed the president to make this an entertaining event.”- READ MORE


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